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Water Saving Rebate Programs

Rainwater Catchment System Rebate Program
PV Water offers two rebates to residential customers that install the following types of rain catchment systems: rain barrels with a storage capacity of 50 up to 100 gallons and larger cisterns or tanks with a storage capacity of 100 to 4,000 gallons. Rainwater may only be used for irrigation and other non-potable uses. pdfClick here to see the rebate form.

Graywater Rebate Program
PV Water offers a $400 rebate for laundry to landscape graywater installations.
pdfClick here see the rebate form.

Sunset Magazine and Water Wise Gardening

pdfClick here get new ideas on a water wise landscape designs and irrigation systems

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CIMIS Station Data and Irrigation Efficiency Links

Local CIMIS Station Data

CIMIS (California Irrigation Management Information System) is an integrated network of more than 120 computerized weather stations throughout California. The primary purpose of CIMIS is to make information available to the public, free of charge, to improve irrigation scheduling by calculating water use of local crops based on daily weather information. Each CIMIS station records a wide range of useful weather information that will help growers estimate how much water is needed by their crops on a daily basis.

There are four CIMIS stations within the Pajaro Valley area:

  • CIMIS station #104 (De Laveaga)
  • CIMIS station #129 (Pajaro)
  • CIMIS station #209 (Watsonville West - near San Andreas Road)

Click here to access CIMIS information.

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