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Water Saving Rebate Programs

Rainwater Catchment System Rebate Program
PV Water offers two rebates to residential customers that install the following types of rain catchment systems: rain barrels with a storage capacity of 50 up to 100 gallons and larger cisterns or tanks with a storage capacity of 100 to 4,000 gallons. Rainwater may only be used for irrigation and other non-potable uses. pdfClick here to see the rebate form.

Graywater Rebate Program
PV Water offers a $400 rebate for laundry to landscape graywater installations.
pdfClick here see the rebate form.

Sunset Magazine and Water Wise Gardening

pdfClick here get new ideas on a water wise landscape designs and irrigation systems

Governor Issues Executive Order

On July 8, 2021, Governor Newsom issued pdfExecutive Order N-10-121 asking all Californians to conserve 15% compared to 2020 water use.

Rural Residential Water Conservation Toolkit Available!

pdfClick here to download your copy and find ways to save more water today!!!

Local Residential Water Conservation Programs

Agency Programs

Over 80% of the water use in the Pajaro Valley groundwater basin is agricultural, the largest potential water savings are from reduced agricultural use. However, PV Water also actively cooperates with local urban water purveyors on a number of urban water conservation programs and also co-sponsors the local web-site.

For more information on graywater systems, visit the Central Coast Graywater Alliance website (

Free Indoor Conservation Devices
PV Water offers free low-flow fixtures including showerheads, hose nozzles, 5 minute shower timers, moisture sensors, kitchen faucet aerators and bathroom faucet aerators. These devices are free to homeowners and renters that live within the PV Water boundaries outside of the City of Watsonville and Soquel Creek Water District areas (they have their own conservation devices). To receive the free devices come by the PV Water office, and start saving water, energy and money, today!

Soquel Creek Water District Programs and Ordinances
The Soquel Creek Water District has a wide range of programs including free water audits, free water conservation devices, rebates for toilets and washers, plus many other great programs and information. Free irrigation controllers are also available to individual users. The District also has it's own water efficiency requirements for new construction in addition to those required by the County of Santa Cruz. Contact the District at (831) 475-8500.

City of Watsonville Water Conservation Programs
The City of Watsonville offers rebates for toilets and washers, as well as free water conservation devices. Contact the City Public Works Department at (831) 768-3100.

County of Santa Cruz Water Conservation Ordinance
In the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County, the County's Department of Environmental Health enforces a water conservation ordinance that requires that all residences be retrofitted with low-flow fixtures prior to change of ownership. Contact the Department at (831) 454-2022.

Conservation Links and Resources

Conservation Tips, and Best Management Practices





This is a local website hosted by the PV Water and also supported by eight local water public and private water purveyors in the Santa Cruz county area. It is a good place to find links to all the local conservation programs, rebates and regulations for your community.

Save Our Water






SCWD webThe Soquel Creek Water District conservation page has a number of great water-saving tips, practices and links in addition to their own specific programs and rebates.


Water Awareness Committee of Monterey County

WAC members develop, fund and present programs for the community, students and water-industry members throughout Monterey County. Their efforts include seminars, tours, Q&A workbooks, and links to local water agencies and water purveyors. Designed for both water purveyors and consumers.

Local Outdoor Conservation: Drought-tolerant Landscaping, Native Plants and Restoration

Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery
Described as a premier source of quality California natives and non-invasive, water-wise, non-native ornamental grasses. Two nursery locations open to the public; Soquel and off Struve Road near Moss Landing.

Integrated Watershed Restoration Program
Here you can find information about the Integrated Watershed Restoration Program for Santa Cruz County. It is meant to be a resource for individuals and organizations doing watershed restoration work within the county.

Santa Clara Valley Water District - Landscaping Programs
Contain a number of useful links and information on local and state programs and services.

Green Gardener Program - Monterey Bay Area
Ecology Action and local partners certify individuals having successfully completed the green gardener training. The program provides practical and effective guidance on appropriate chemical use, solid waste reduction, composting, sustainable design, and other tools needed for “greening” a gardening or landscaping business. Provided in English and Spanish.

Master Gardener Program - University of California Cooperative Extension - Watsonville
To sign up for 72 hour course to be certified as a master gardener based on collaborative efforts between the US. Department of Agriculture, the county governments of Monterey and Santa Cruz, and the University to better serve the home gardening community.

California Native Plant Society - Santa Cruz Chapter
California Native Plant Society - Monterey Chapter

State and National Urban Water Conservation Organizations

State Office of Water Use Efficiency - Department of Water Resources
The OWUE provides support for the stewardship of California's water resources and energy efficient use of water. This office is responsible for water use efficiency planning and coordination. Our services include technical and financial assistance, information collection and dissemination, resources evaluation, and implementation.

California Urban Water Conservation Counsel
The goal of Council's 354 members is to integrate fourteen urban water conservation Best Management Practices into the planning and management of California's water resources.

Water Education Water Awareness Committee
The mission of the Water Education - Water Awareness Committee is to promote the efficient use of water and to increase public awareness of the importance of water in Southern California. This kid and teacher friendly website, is interactive and contains exercises and information so that the conservation message can be incorporated into the regular curriculum.

California Urban Water Agencies
This web-site contains links to several studies and research papers regarding water conservation as part of an overall strategy to supply water to major urban areas of California.

WaterSense - United States Environmental Protection Agency
Water Saving made easy. Water Conservation tips, publications, product testing and national water information.

Studies and Publications

Urban Water Conservation Implementation Challenges and Opportunities
This 2004 study commissioned by the California Urban Water Agencies (CUWA) identifies the challenges of implementing urban water conservation programs, and develops findings and general recommendations regarding implementation challenges. The CUWA is comprised of the largest water purveyors and agencies throughout California. (364 KB PDF download).

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