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Ad Hoc Sustainable Groundwater Committee

GSU22 March 11, 2021 meetingGSU22 Committee Meeting Purpose

PV Water has formed an Ad Hoc Sustainable Groundwater Committee (Committee) to evaluate technical information presented by staff and consultants related to the existing and projected conditions of the groundwater basin, consider sustainable management criteria that would avoid significant and unreasonable impacts to the groundwater basin, and make recommendations to the PV Water Board.

The Committee is comprised of 17 voting members, 12 appointed, and 5 selected through an open application process. The composition of the Committee is structured to provide a diverse representative cross-section of community stakeholder interests, as well as incorporate water managers within the Pajaro Valley. Attendance and engagement at Committee meetings by the public and other interested parties is highly encouraged to provide input.  Voting seats are dedicated to individuals serving as representatives for the Committee members listed below.

On October 14, 2020, the Committee voted in favor of adopting bylaws. The Board of Directors approved the bylaws during its October 21, 2020 meeting.

Groundwater Sustainability Update 2022 (GSU22)

PV Water's Response to Comments on GSU22 Submittal

GSU22 submitted to DWR before 1-1-2022

GSU22 Appendices submitted to DWR before 1-1-2022

Summary of Changes to GSU22 12/21 from Adoption Draft 11/21

pdfSummary of Changes for Adoption of GSU22

pdfResponse to Public Comments on Board Review Draft

pdfPublic Comments Received on November 15, 2021

pdfGSU22 Board Review Draft Response to Public Comments

pdfPublic Comments Received October 18, 2021

pdfSummary of Changes to Board Review Draft GSU22

 pdfPublic Comments Received on Public Review Draft GSU22

GSU22 Fact Sheet (English)

PV Factsheet Page 1

GSU22 Fact Sheet (Espanol)

PVWATER FactSheet Spanish Page 1

Meeting Information

Meetings will occur at:  

Or by phone: 1 (866) 899 4679 Access Code: 563-967-333#

After-Meeting Survey

Videos Recordings last for a period of one year after the meeting date.


Meeting Materials

Meeting Summaries

October 14, 2020

Agenda, Applications, Draft Bylaws, Rules of Order, Presentation

October Summary

November 4, 2020

Agenda, Draft Oct. Meeting Summary, Final Presentation, Groundwater Level-SMC-Memo,

November Summary

December 15, 2020

Agenda,Draft Nov. Meeting Summary, USGS Subsidence Results Presentation, Draft Presentation, Seawater Intrusion-SMC-Memo,

December Summary

January 14, 2021

Agenda, RR Application, Draft Dec. Meeting Summary, Draft Presentation, Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Memo, Interconnected Surface Water Memo, GSU22 Fact Sheet,

 January Summary

February 11, 2021

Agenda, Draft Jan. Meeting Summary, Draft Presentation, Geohydrology Recharge/Seawater Intrusion USGS Fact Sheet, Proposed Statement of Significant and Unreasonable Conditions for SWI and Approach to Developing SMCs

 February Summary

March 11, 2021

Agenda, Draft Feb. Meeting Summary, Proposed Sustainable Management Criteria for Seawater Intrusion-Memo, Appendix-A Chloride Chemographs, Draft Presentation

March Summary

April 8, 2021

Agenda, Draft March Meeting Summary, Seawater Intrusion SMC Draft Statements, Development of SMC for Chronic Lowering of Groundwater Level-TM, AppendixA GWL SMC Monitoring Network, AppendixB RMP Justification Figures, AppendixC Well Depth Analysis, AppendixD GWL SMC RMP Network MO & MT, AppendixE GDE Hydrographs, Presentation Slides

April Summary

May 13, 2021

Agenda, Draft April Meeting Summary, Groundwater Level SMC Summary, SMC for Depletion of Interconnected Surface Water TM, Draft Presentation, AppendixD GWL SMC RMP Network MO & MT Updated w/ 95th percentile,

 May Summary

May 19, 2021

Board of Directors Meeting: Agenda; Agenda Packet; Preliminary Budget FY2021-22 Presentation: 9B Ad Hoc Sustainable Groundwater Committee Update


June 10, 2021

Agenda, Draft Meeting Summary, Response to NMFS letter, Summary of Regulator Meetings on ISW TMs and SMC, Findings and Proposal on Subsidence TM, Findings and Proposal on Drought Resiliency Actions TM, Final Draft Presentation

June Summary

July 8, 2021

Agenda, Draft Meeting Summary, CWC Comment Letter on GWL SMCs, PV Water Response to CWC Letter, Draft Presentation; Sustainability Status TM, CWC-GSA Resources for All Beneficial Users, CWC Well Impact Mitigation Presentation, CWC-Drinking Water Well Mitigation Plan-English/Spanish

 July Summary

July 21, 2021

Board of Directors Meeting:  Agenda; Agenda Packet, 11B GSU22 Presentation

July 28, 2021

Meeting for Rural Residents: Agenda, Presentation prepared by PV Water, Presentation prepared by Rural Residents for Water, PV Water Response to Questions


August 12, 2021

Agenda; Draft Meeting SummarySustainability Status in Pajaro Valley Subbasin: Water Quality, Projected Water Budget TM, PVHM Updates TM, Proposed GSU22 Committee Statements for Sustainability Status in Pajaro Valley TM, Draft Presentation, Video Recording

August Summary

September 9, 2021

Agenda, Draft Meeting Summary, Monitoring Network Plan, Appendix B Information to Support Developing GWL SMC for Areas of Recommended RMPs, GSU22 Schedule & Outline, Non-Jurisdictional Assessment Plan TM, Sustainability status of GWL & Sustainability status of ISW TM, Water Budget & Climate SLR TM, PV Water Response to Rural Residents for Water Materials, Presentation Slides, Video Recording

 September Summary

September 28, 2021

Community Meeting to Discuss PV Water's Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSU22): Agenda, Presentation, Video Recording



Communication and Engagement Plan

PVWater CE Plan Oct302020 Page 01  PV Water C&E Plan for BMP: GSU22

Membership Roster

Committee Member

Member Type

Representative Entity

Bob Culbertson, Vice Chair

Appointed Board Member

Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency

Mary Bannister,

Alternate, Tom Broz

Appointed Board Member

Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency

Amy Newell

Appointed Board Member

Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency

Sierra Ryan


County of Santa Cruz

Not yet filled


County of Monterey

Not yet filled


County of San Benito

Kirk Schmidt, Chair


Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau

Robert Rodoni


Monterey County Farm Bureau

Beau Kayser


City of Watsonville

Sandy Coplin


Pajaro Sunny Mesa Community Services District

Robert Johnson


Aromas Water District

Gary Vincelet


California Water Service Company

Marla Anderson

Alternate, Mayra Hernandez


Rural Residential Well Owner Representative

Jonathan Pilch


Environmental Representative

Sandra Hoppe


Mutual Water Company Representative

Christi Suchil


Disadvantaged Community Group Representative

Tannis Thorlakson

Alternate, Kyle Monper


Agricultural Representative



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