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The Coastal Distribution System

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The Coastal Distribution System (CDS) is the conveyance pipeline for PV Water’s supplemental water supply, which is composed of a blend of recycled water, Harkins Slough Recovery Well Water, and groundwater. The CDS consists of 21 miles of pipeline capable of providing supplemental water to over 5,500 acres of agricultural land at a guaranteed pressure of 80 PSI.

To use the water, growers connect their irrigation system to turnouts connected to the CDS. Turnouts have valves that are calibrated to the desired pressure the grower needs depending on their irrigation system. For example, drip irrigation requires less pressure than sprinkler irrigation.

The use of supplemental water delivered through the CDS offsets groundwater production in the area most impacted by seawater contaminating our freshwater aquifers. Seawater intrusion is a serious threat to our freshwater resources in the Pajaro Valley.

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