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Watsonville Slough System Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Projects

proposed watsonville sloughStruve Slough, Pictured above, is a component of the
Watsonville Slough System. 
The Watsonville Slough system, of which Struve Slough is a component, is a network of approximately 800 acres of coastal salt marsh, seasonal wetlands, brackish and freshwater emergent marsh, and riparian communities. It receives runoff from a 13,000-acre watershed. The Watsonville Slough System Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Projects would utilize some of the available freshwater supply that would otherwise drain to Monterey Bay.

The projects approach and design are similar to the Harkins Slough Facilities, including diversion, filtration, and recharge facilities. This proposed projects would divert water during times of high flows, approximately November through May. The water would be stored in the shallow aquifer located on the San Andreas Terrace and then recovered as needed through a series of extraction wells and used as an alternative to groundwater for agricultural irrigation to help stop seawater intrusion and balance our overdrafted groundwater basin.

Harkins Slough Facility

harkins slough facilityHarkins Slough Recharge Basin actively
recharging diverted Slough water
The Harkins Slough Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Facility commenced operations in 2002. The Facility allows PV Water to divert, filter, store, and reuse water from Harkins Slough that would otherwise flow to the Monterey Bay. A water-rights permit issued by the State Water Resources Control Board provides PV Water the authority to divert up to 2,000-acre feet per year from the slough between the months of November and May. The water is filtered and pumped to the Harkins Slough Recharge Basin where it infiltrates into a shallow aquifer for short-term storage. Extraction wells located around the recharge basin recover water and supply to the Coastal Distribution System during irrigation demand. Since 2002, PV Water has recharged over 8,700 acre-feet of water as a result of this facility.

Proposed project improvements include optimizing the extraction of recharged water, pump station upgrades at the point of diversion, upgrades to the sand filters to improve recharge percolation rates, and construction of an additional recharge basin.

Event / Meeting


Materials / Presentations

Notice of Preparation for Watsonville Slough System Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Projects

Notice of Preparation: public comment period closes July 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Scoping Meeting: will be held on June 12, 2019 in Community Room B at the City of Watsonville Civic Plaza, 275 Main Street, 4th Floor, Watsonville, CA 95076 from 4:00 to 5:30 PM

Published May 31, 2019

Notice of Preparation

NOP Presentation

Notice of Availability and Notice of Public Meeting for the Draft Environmental Impact Report for Watsonville Slough System Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery, 2022 Projects

Public Comment Period: Septemeber 1, 2020 through October 19, 2020 at 5:00 PM

Public Meeting: will be held virtually on September 23, 2020. The meeting will be held from 4:00 PM-5:30 PM on the GoTo online platform at, you can also dial in toll free at 1(877)309-2073 access code 494-002.

Published September 1, 2020


Draft EIR21.09 MB

Draft EIR without Appendices10.59 MB

DEIR Presentation

Final Environmental Impact Report-Responses to Comments on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the Watsonville Slough System Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Projects

Published January 6, 2021

Final EIR

PV Water Board Certifying the Final Environmental Impact Report, adopting Findings Pursuant to CEQA, adopting Statement of Overriding Considerations, and adopting a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for WSSMARR Projects. 

PV Water Board Selects, Approves and Adopts the Watsonville Slough System Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Project

January 20, 2021

Resolution 2021-03


Resolution 2021-04

Recharge Basin Hydrogeologic Study

Prepared by: PV Water Hydrolgeologic Study Working Group

Additional Resources: Found at Resources tab, under Hydrology

November 15, 2020


Final Report

Request for Proposal for Design and Bid Period Services for Watsonvillle Slough System Managed Aquifer Recharge & Recovery Projects 

Proposals will be accepted by PV Water until 4:00 PM on August 5, 2022. 

Addendum No.1 posted June 23, 2022

June 6, 2022


Addendum No.1

Public Notice inviting Bids for Harkins Slough Facility Recovery Wells

Harkins Slough Facility Recovery Wells Bid Documents: will accept until 10:00am on Oct 5, 2022

August 29, 2022


Bid docs

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